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Rebuilding of the crankshafts & other components

The Rebuilding of the Crankshaft is required when the damage/cracks in the CR pins / MJ are high level & with the available undersize bearings, the repairing could not be possible & the crankshafts stands rejected. To salvage the crankshaft the rebuilding is the only solution which is undertaken by us in a fully computerized imported equipment. This rebuilding is a “cold” process & at any moment of the repairing process the crankshaft temp doesn’t cross 90 degrees C, so no stress is induced in the crankshaft. Also, this rebuilding technology is used where no under-sizing of the shafts are allowed such as Alternator Rotors shaft or the shafts which use Roller bearings. We stand a warrantee of around one year on the rebuild area which is carried out by us.
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