NDT Testing of Engine Components

NDT inspection of the Crank shafts , Engine Blocks , Con Rods , Liners , Cylinder heads , Camshafts & other Engine parts are carried out by the specialized trained Engineers who are level II & III grade . etc. . Each Job Inspection is conducted by Engineers who are fully trained and have work experience more than 15 to 20 years in all kinds of inspection work including Magnetic Particle, Ultrasonic, and Dye Penetrant Tests along with Dimensional measurements with highly precise instruments like Laser Equipment, Micrometres, Bore gauges, Dial gauges, Digital verniers, etc which are periodically calibrated as a routine practice for the authenticity of accuracy. A key Management person implements regulates and reviews all quality aspects and production standards .

Boring and Honing of Cylinder Liners

Boring and Honing of Cylinder Liners-feature
The Cylinder Liner boring and Honing is carried out with the machine which is imported by us from a world’s leading company -M/S Chris Marine, Sweden who masters the art of manufacturing of high quality Cylinder Liner boring/honing equipment. The limit of accuracy of re-honed Liners is maintained within 0.02-0.03 mm for taper/ovality and the surface finish is controlled within RA1.3-1.6 um along with yar cross-honing angle is maintained within 45-55 Deg. The machine is portable, so we can undertake the Fas honing operation at the customer’s location also.

Line Boring of Equipments

Line Boring of Engine Blocks, Bed Plates, compressor blocks, and gearbox blocks are undertaken by us. We are capable of machine two or more bores in a line up to the length of 10 meters with an accuracy level of 0.02mm. We have imported the hydraulic/pneumatic Line Boring equipment which is used for line boring operation. To check the alignment of Bores, an Easy-Laser alignment checking equipment is imported from Sweden, is used. With this laser equipment, alignment of housing bores along “X” & “Y” axis with an accuracy of 0.01 mm can be checked .

Metal Stitching

Metal stitching is a commercial method of repairing the crack, broken, or burst pieces of cast iron items without application of any heat & as a result of whichthere is no change/distortion/deformation in the repaired equipment. In the repairing process Locks & Cast master, stitching pins are used. We Import the materials from the USA.

Advantages of Metal Stitching

No heat stresses are induced, no distortion occurs. The repair is Gas & Liquid proof & can withstand high pressure & tensional forces & not much machining is required after repairing.

In-SITU Repairing

In cases where the damage in the crankshaft is only in one or few CR pins & all the main journals are ok, economics do not justify the dispatch of the entire CRANKSHAFT to a distant workshop. With the latest edition of the In-situ grinding Machine, a far more flexible solution is offered by TCPL to the customer. Accuracy in the range of 0.015 to 0.02 mm is achieved with perfect parallelism between Crank Pins after the on-site grinding of the CR Pins.
Trained specialists execute repairs at the site as per international standards.